The Easiest Strawberry Shortcake Ever!



This might be the easiest desert ever created - no bake, just prep and serve. I first came in contact with this strawberry treat a few years ago at a friend’s house, whose mom was kind enough to serve it with tea.  The strawberry shortcakes could be served with coffee or champagne, and would be great for a date night, especially for a new cook or a guy trying to impress someone special. Enjoy!


Prepared by: Julie P.
Serving Size: 6


2 boxes of fresh strawberries

1 pack of desert shells
(also known as short cakes)

1 can of whip cream




Step 1.

Wash the strawberries

and remove the stems.


Step 2.

Place 1 box of strawberries

into the blender.





Step 3.

Blend the berries into a

smoothie-like consistency.



Step 4.

Dice up the other box of

strawberries into small pieces.


Step 5.
Place the shortcake on a plate.

Step 6.
Using a spoon, drip the blended
strawberries over the edge.


Note: Let it sit for a few minutes
so the juices observe into the cake.



Step 7.

Place the cut up strawberry pieces into the middle of the cake and a few pieces around it (for pretty purposes).


Step 9.

Squirt whip cream in circular motion on top of the strawberry center.


Note: Apply whip cream right before serving the desert, otherwise it will melt all over the place.

Wasn't this the easiest desert you ever made?

I must warn you though - it is almost impossible to eat just one,

so make plenty in case your guests start asking for more.

You wouldn't want a riot on your hands, would you? Big Smile

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here: Strawberry Shortcake Recipe


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