5 Reasons Not To Buy Beaded Bracelets Ever Again

5 Reasons Not To Buy Beaded Bracelets Ever Again

I recently conducted a little experiment and now I am completely convinced that paying for beaded stretch bracelets is an absolute waste of money. I am guilty of an occasional impulse buy myself, but after doing the math and applying some common sense, I will never buy another bracelet of this sort again. Below are the 5 main reasons that should have you convinced as well. Enjoy!

10 helpful tips for getting an A on any test

10 Helpful Tips For Getting An A On Any Test

When I went back to school, I was seriously worried about my abilities to succeed academically. Now many semesters later, I have a 4.0 GPA because I was able to revise my ancient study techniques and come up with the ones that work for me. If you are struggling academically, I strongly recommend looking over my methods and hopefully you can pick out a few that work for you.

Bracelet Tutorial

DIY: ‘One Of A Kind’ Bracelet Tutorial

Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry on someone and absolutely had to have it? Then you searched for days for a similar item all over the internet but still came up empty? Well last year it happened to me. I really wanted a specific type of bracelet, similar to one I saw somewhere on Pintrest, but couldn’t find it anywhere, so I decided to make it myself…

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series

Netflix: TV Shows To Watch – Complete Series

I am sure you are very familiar with Apple’s slogan “there is an App for that”- well in my case, the saying is “there is an episode for that”. Even though my friends might find my knowledge of entertainment TV slightly annoying, it does give me an opportunity to present you with a list of TV shows you should watch if you haven’t yet. The shows listed below are currently available with Netflix Instant Stream as complete series, so you can go ahead and start watching – Enjoy!

going back to college

What To Expect: Going Back To School As An Adult

So you are considering going back to school as an adult after a lengthy break from your youthful days of college experience, or, perhaps, you never attended college and are finally deciding to do so now, in either case the thought of sitting behind a school desk again can be terrifying and overwhelming…


Dear Professors, Please Be Better!

I have been going to college for a few years now and have had some great professors and some awful ones… So, dear professors, please consider some of my suggestions for your future courses, because for some of us, you can still make all the difference between failure and success.

international womens day

Happy International Women’s Day, Ladies!

March 8th is considered to be the “International Women’s Day” , however, it is mostly celebrated in Eastern Europe, especially Russia, and countries of the former Soviet Union. Initially, the holiday had political undertones but was later transferred into a celebration of woman- hood and love.

Bilingual Children

Bilingual Children

As a bilingual child myself, this topic hits close to home as it defined my childhood as well as my brother’s. About fifteen years ago my parents decided to immigrate to the United States leaving our home behind…

Autumn leaves

Autumn’s Day

It was unusual to see how a leaf tears off on its own and falls, almost fighting, descending down a bizarre trajectory and landing with complete silence, blending with the other fallen brothers, completely disappearing. I looked back up at the tree, but no other leaves fell…


What Makes You Happy?

Few years ago I was going through some rough times and felt very low and hopeless. While talking to my mom about some of the issues I was having, she suggested I talk to a psychic she felt was legit. Since I was already grasping at all available straws for support and felt generally lost, I figured talking to this lady won’t hurt too much…


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