5 Reasons Not To Buy Beaded Bracelets Ever Again

5 Reasons Not To Buy Beaded Bracelets Ever Again

I recently conducted a little experiment and now I am completely convinced that paying for beaded stretch bracelets is an absolute waste of money. I am guilty of an occasional impulse buy myself, but after doing the math and applying some common sense, I will never buy another bracelet of this sort again. Below are the 5 main reasons that should have you convinced as well. Enjoy!

Bracelet Tutorial

DIY: ‘One Of A Kind’ Bracelet Tutorial

Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry on someone and absolutely had to have it? Then you searched for days for a similar item all over the internet but still came up empty? Well last year it happened to me. I really wanted a specific type of bracelet, similar to one I saw somewhere on Pintrest, but couldn’t find it anywhere, so I decided to make it myself…


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