Review: Dreams La Romana, Dominican Republic

   Summer is the time of year when most people try to get away on vacation. If you are one of those lucky people make sure to do your research and plan your trip properly. In case you are thinking about going to Dominican Republic, I will share our experience at the all-inclusive hotel Dreams La Romana.

Review: Dreams La Romana, Dominican Republic

Location & The Amenities

   When you are booking your trip to any hotel, make sure your package comes with proper transportation from the airport to the hotel. In the case of Dreams La Romana, there is an approximate 45 minute commute from the airport. Before we booked our trip, I did a lot of research and many people complained about this drive, however, we found it relaxing and enjoyed the scenery on the way. Besides, the location of this hotel is very worth the trip.

   The hotel is located on a great tropical bay beach, where the water is a clear turquoise with little to no waves, so every day is a beach day. There are also 3 pools – 1 bar pool, 1 main pool and 1 for preferred members only.  There are 7 restaurants that offer different cuisine, great décor, air conditioning or fresh air and there is a 24 hour room service, so you will never go hungry. The rooms are modern and freshly remodeled, equipped with a flat screen TV, a safe, a minibar and a coffee pot. The minibar will be re-stocked daily, the room will be cleaned daily and the towels will be replaced – yes, also daily! The only downside for me was the lack of a bathtub, but they did have a nice shower with never ending hot water. Overall, the room was large, clean and well worth the price.

   The grounds are well-kept and even fumigated every evening. The night entertainment is held by the main pool, so if your room is near that area – be prepared to suffer at night from all the noise. If you are not participating in the activities, the entertainment will annoy you, so consider this when booking a room. There is also a little casino and club for the night entertainment, as well as tennis courts and a bike rental for the day time.


  1. There is an air-conditioned internet café that has the most delicious baked goods. So if you need to cool off, or just want a quick non-buffet breakfast, this cafe is perfect.
  2. There are fewer mosquitoes by the main bar in the lobby at night, which makes it a nice place to relax.
  3. Do not bring anything expensive with you on vacation, but if you do make sure to lock it in the safe.
  4. Make sure to bring a bunch of single dollar bills with you, as you will have to tip a lot and it’s nearly impossible to exchange money over there, so be prepared!

Review: Dreams La Romana, Dominican Republic

Beach & Pool

   As I have mentioned earlier, there are 3 pools and one amazing beach at your disposal at the Dreams Hotel. First, let me tell you about the beach, since that’s where we spent most of our water time. White sand, crystal clear warm calm water, no rocks, smooth and gentle slope into the deeper water, in other words – the perfect beach. For a reason unclear to me, there weren’t that many people at the beach either, even though the pools were packed, why in the world people would pack themselves into the chlorine dense pool instead of the fresh tropic water is beyond me. The pools were rather small and the only way to get a lounge chair near a pool is to wake up at 6 a.m. and secure it with a towel, whereas there was always a chair available near the beach. Again, why would you choose the pool?? However, if you are a pool type of person, perhaps you should consider upgrading to the preferred members club, since they have a private pool. Otherwise, get ready to wake up early.


  1. If you are planning a family trip with young kids, I am not sure that this is a hotel for you. Even though there is a kid club, there isn’t much to do for kids. The pools are not kid friendly and there is no lifeguard on duty, so be prepared. There is a trampoline in the ocean water by the beach, but I believe it’s for older kids. (Definitely not for adults, as we were kicked off it – ops!)
  2. To avoid mosquitoes at night (and there are a lot of them) go to the beach at night. I am sharing our secret spot here, so pay attention! Go to the same beach you go to during the day, bring some drinks with you, pull up some lounge chairs to the water line, drop your feet into the lukewarm water and watch the little fishes swim by. The night beach is calming and refreshing, and the best part – there are no people there! Thus, you are welcome, enjoy our secret spot.

Review: Dreams La Romana, Dominican Republic

Dining & Drinks

   There are 7 main restaurants on the premises. The best place for breakfast would be the buffet or the internet café, for mid-day snack or lunch try the Seaside Grill, and for dinner you can visit one of the specialized restaurants one for every day of the week.  We liked Portofino (the Italian restaurant) the most, since it was inside and served pretty decent food. The hotel’s room service was absolutely a god sent, mostly because we like to relax on vacation and rushing to get in line by 7 p.m. to a restaurant was a huge inconvenience for us, therefore, most nights we stayed in, watched a movie and ordered FREE room service. Again, this is great if you are a bug-o-phoebe like me and prefer to walk through the tropics during daylight only.

   The most important piece of advice I can give you has to be about food safety when traveling to Dominican Republic – try to eat cooked food, avoid ice in your drinks, ask for bottled water and never drink tap water. Despite all my research before our trip, we still got food poisoning, which was only an inconvenience and didn’t spoil our trip. However, I did have a pretty high fever for one day and the local medical center came in handy. Since we didn’t have insurance, they couldn’t treat us for free, but they did measure my temperature. I brought a ton of meds with us – just in case – so dealing with the fever wasn’t a problem, therefore, I strongly suggest to be prepared for a possible case of food poisoning and being able to treat it yourself.


  1. Always, brush your teeth using bottled water.
  2. Visit your physician before the trip and ask for meds to deal with food poisoning, just in case, or bring your own over the counter medications. (Especially, if you are traveling with kids.)

Review: Dreams La Romana, Dominican Republic

Fun & Excursions

   Dominican Republic is fairly cheap when it comes to excursions, so take advantage. We really enjoyed parasailing and the speed boat excursion to the ocean oasis, if you only want to do one definitely choose the speed boats – you won’t regret it! Also, take advantage of the professional photographer on site; we didn’t realize how cheap it was so we only took some pictures with a monkey on our last day.


  1. There are also free activities going on daily bases, as well as free rentals, such as “pedalo” and snorkeling equipment.

Review: Dreams La Romana, Dominican Republic


   We had a blast at Dreams La Romana Resort and will probably go back one day. Despite the stomach problems and the sick day, it was a very romantic gateway for us and this resort will always hold a special place in our hearts. I hope you found this review helpful and if you do choose to try out the Dreams Resort – have a great time and enjoy your vacation in paradise!

If you have been to Dreams La Romana in Dominican Republic – did you enjoy it? Share your experience in the comments below, Thanks!

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  • We’re going on 23rd July and have already booked Saona with Seavis, the private pool for a day with massage, Buggy hire with Pro Excursions…. but which company did you hire the speedboats with? as we have that planned for one of our days……

    • Hi Andy 🙂

      We used Pro Excursions as well. They were pretty awesome with the service and even the photography they did for the speedboats was great and very good quality. The speedboat tour goes to a national park in the ocean, then to an oasis in the middle of the ocean where you can take pictures with star fishes they pull out from the ocean. If you are going with someone, one person can drive the way there and the other on the way back, it’s far enough for everyone to enjoy a lengthy driving experience. The best part is hitting the waves from the boats in front of you and flying a little :)) Bring sunglasses and sunscreen!

      I hope you have a great vacation! 🙂

  • Sylvia Jordan

    I checked out a Travel Republic review about vacationing in the Dominican Republic and found positive news. Your blog will definitely help me in organizing my itinerary, stay, and schedule during my upcoming DR vacation.

    • Hi Sylvia 🙂

      I’m glad i could help out 🙂 I hope you have a great vacation! DR is a great vacation spot :))

  • Mel

    Hi I am going to the La Romana Dreams resort in a few days. What over the counter Medications do you suggest I bring for food poisoning? Also should I bring a bug spray for the mosquitoes ? I am attending a destination wedding and have no idea where the rooms are I hope they are in a quiet area and I’m not disappointed. What transportation company did you use to get from the airport to the resort? I appreciate any answers you can give me. Thank you

    • Hi Mel!

      Sorry for the late reply. I wish i was going to Dreams too :)) You are going to have a great time there!

      I would suggest bringing some Advil or Tylenol, Pepto-Bismol, an anti diarrhea medicine like Imodium, basically, something that has worked for you in the past. Also, don’t forget sun burn cream and a post bite cream, which is something i always forget to bring and regret it every time.

      I brought a few different bug sprays with me, including a 100% DEET spray, which didn’t work. But I am one of those people who gets bit all the time and anywhere, so you might not see any mosquitoes there at all 🙂 Something that did work great, is an Avon lotion with 30 SPF, i wore it during the day and didn’t get bit and didn’t burn, which was nice 🙂 (i’ll add the link at the bottom).

      The transportation company we used was arranged through our travel agent, so i am not sure of the name. But i do strongly advise to prearrange your transport from home, so when you get there you will be greeted by a driver you can trust, not the 20 other people waiting at the gate promising you a safe trip. When you finally check out from the airport, be prepared to be “attacked”, but drivers though, there are a lot of them. We knew someone was waiting for us and seeing a sign with our names on it was a relief. So definitely prearrange your transport, it will be cheaper as well.

      I hope you have a great time at the resort! And please stop by when you come back, i’d love to hear about your trip!


      Julie P.

      Link to Avon lotion:


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