The Easiest Strawberry Shortcake Ever!

This might be the easiest desert ever created – no bake, just prep and serve. The strawberry shortcakes could be served with coffee or champagne, and would be great for a date night, especially for a new cook or a guy trying to impress someone special.

Bilingual Children

Bilingual Children

As a bilingual child myself, this topic hits close to home as it defined my childhood as well as my brother’s. About fifteen years ago my parents decided to immigrate to the United States leaving our home behind…

Simple Chicken Kiev Recipe

Simple Chicken Kiev Recipe

This is my mom’s spin on an old Russian recipe known as “Chicken Kiev”. The butter inside melts and makes the chicken extremely juicy, while the dill gives it a fresh taste. Also, this is a very basic recipe, thus, other stuffing flavors could be added to your taste.

Autumn leaves

Autumn’s Day

It was unusual to see how a leaf tears off on its own and falls, almost fighting, descending down a bizarre trajectory and landing with complete silence, blending with the other fallen brothers, completely disappearing. I looked back up at the tree, but no other leaves fell…


What Makes You Happy?

Few years ago I was going through some rough times and felt very low and hopeless. While talking to my mom about some of the issues I was having, she suggested I talk to a psychic she felt was legit. Since I was already grasping at all available straws for support and felt generally lost, I figured talking to this lady won’t hurt too much…

The Flea by John Donne

Essay: “The Flea” by John Donne

There is my essay on John Donne’s “The Flea”. The essay question was: If the flea could respond to the speaker, what would it say? Would it be on the speaker’s side? Would it brag about its conquest? Would it defend the lady’s honor? As an exercise, try writing “The Flea’s Side of the Story.”


Mouthwatering Steak Slices

This is my spin on “steak and potatoes”, which again happened by an accident. One day I planned to make steaks in bread crumbs, but had no eggs, so I improvised with what I had in the fridge. Surprisingly, the steaks tasted amazing and this is now one of my favorite ways to prepare steaks. Enjoy!


Delicious Fajitas The Easy Way

Some meals take a lot of preparation and dedication, fajitas, on the other hand, are fun and easy to make. Fajitas are great to make with kids, friends or family – we usually do a “fajita night” when we have friends over and it’s always a blast. This recipe was created and perfected through a few years and it always comes out amazing!

cover photo

Simple Chicken Cutlet Recipe

Chicken cutlets have a lot of different names, but for the sake of this recipe let’s just stick to the basics. Additionally, there are just as many ways to prepare chicken cutlets as there are names for them. This recipe is the most simple one and, once mastered, could be tweaked to include any flavors you like. But for now, let’s just try the basic chicken cutlets.


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