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Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series     I am sure you are very familiar with Apple’s slogan “there is an App for that”- well in my case, the saying is “there is an episode for that”. I can honestly admit that I have become one of those people who quote TV and movie characters in everyday life.  Not a day goes by without me saying “oh, that reminds me of a show I watched, there was an episode where…”- in fact, this happens so often that the response I now hear a lot is a sarcastic “of course, there is!” Even though my friends might find my knowledge of entertainment TV slightly annoying, it does give me an opportunity to present you with a list of TV shows you should watch if you haven’t yet. The shows listed below are currently available with Netflix Instant Stream as complete series, so you can go ahead and start watching – Enjoy!

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    L O S T            EPISODES: 121        AIR DATES: SEPTEMBER 22, 2004 – MAY 23, 2010

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series LOSTIf you still haven’t watched Lost stop what you are doing immediately, call your boss and demand a month long vacation, bribe your doctor for an excuse note for school and tell all your friends and relatives that you are leaving the country – basically, do what you have to do to clear some all the possible time you can for this show. Once you start watching and around season two you are going to have days where you will begin to fake sicknesses and deadly diseases just so you can stay near your Netflix account, so be prepared and proceed with caution! Personally, I didn’t watch the show until the first five seasons came out on DVD, which I guess was lucky, because I have no idea how people lived between seasons and patiently waited for days and weeks between episodes. I am not even going to try to explain what the show is about since it is impossible to summarize in a paragraph or ten, but Lost has everything  for everyone – romance, mystery, fantasy, action, history, beautiful actors, great characters, amazing scenery and anything else you could wish for in a show. In my book, Lost is one of the best shows ever written and produced, it is highly addictive and creates interesting discussions with those who have seen it or are experiencing it with you for the first time. If you will be watching it with someone who is ahead of you and has seen the show, please refrain from torturing that person for answers and clues as to what might happen next, they won’t tell you anyway! Like I said, drop everything immediately and go watch the show (yes, you can come back later to thank me) – Enjoy! Back to the list.

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series LOST


  THE WEST WING   EPISODES: 156   AIR DATES: SEPTEMBER 22, 1999 – MAY 14, 2006

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series  The West Wing

The West Wing ran from 1999 to 2006, so it’s a little outdated but it is still one of the best shows ever written – the dialogue is witty, the characters are captivating, the story line is entertaining and enlightening. In short, the plot follows a fictional American president and his staff at the White House for 2 consecutive terms, while covering a lot of the issues faced by the American policy makers back then and now. The West Wing is a clever show, so if you are looking for an easy-breezy show to watch skip this one and move on to one of the other shows on this list. Additionally, you have to be a little into politics to follow along all the governmental mumbo-jumbo or you will miss a lot of the sarcastic and funny points the writing has to offer. However, if you are looking for a crash course in the behind the curtain politics, you will really appreciate and enjoy this show. If nothing else, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the White House, policy making procedures, people who work at the White House, Republican and Democratic parties, elections, media covering the White House and the day-to-day operations of the most important building in America. Personally, I re-watched this show twice in two years because it really is that good, so if this review even slightly piqued your interest give The West Wing a chance and I promise you will not be disappointed. Back to the list.

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series The West Wing


  PRISON BREAK        EPISODES: 81        AIR DATES: AUGUST 29, 2005 – MAY 15, 2009

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series Prison Break

Prison Break ran from 2005-2009 for only four seasons. Before I started watching the show I had no idea of what to expect, all I heard about Prison Break was that the show sucked after the first season, but running low on shows to watch I gave it a chance and I am so glad I did! The plot circulates around Michael, the gorgeous structural engineer with a higher than average IQ, who is trying to save his innocent brother Lincoln from the imminent execution for the murder of the Vice President’s brother. I don’t want to give away too much as there is a mystery to the show and I would prefer not to know what’s going to happen next. The show has some violence, some cursing, a little sarcasm, a bunch of romance and a tad of conspiracy, action and drama. Overall, Prison Break has something for the girls and the boys alike, thus, it is great for couples to dive into on rainy days or lazy weekends, especially if you already finished Lost and The West Wing. Back to the list.

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series Prison Break


  FELICITY           EPISODES: 84        AIR DATES: SEPTEMBER 29, 1998 – MAY 22, 2002

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series Felicity

If you are missing the late 90’s and are in serious need of a flashback, then Felicity is the show for you. I vaguely remember Felicity from my high school days, however, I do not remember watching it, probably because I didn’t due to the lack of free time and the DVR function on my TV. Felicity is a good-hearted show centered on the life of a young girl starting her freshman year at NYU. At times the show is a little naïve and at times it’s true to life, but it is mostly funny and entertaining. So if you are a young girl trying to find yourself, while juggling school, job, friends and a romance, this show might help you figure some things out or at least provide a different perspective on a life similar to yours. Back to the list.

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series Felicity


  24                   EPISODES: 192              AIR DATES: NOVEMBER 6, 2001 – MAY 24, 2010

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series 24

Now something for the boys – Jack Bauer! Action, murder, conspiracy, terrorism, crime – can all be found in 24. The show is structured as a 24 hour day, where every episode of the season is an hour of the show, basically, in real time. Every season brings a new twist of suspense and a feeling of mystery – what else can happen to the poor Jack?? If there was a Jack Bauer in US, working on the country’s security, we would all live happy and safe lives without a care in the world – or at least that’s what the show makes you think once you are done watching it. 24 is not for girly girls, as I think they would get bored with it quickly, but if you are looking for something to watch as a couple and have ran out of possibilities, give 24 a try, either way – you won’t hate it. Back to the list.

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series 24


  MEDIUM        EPISODES: 130       AIR DATES: JANUARY 3, 2OO5 – JANUARY 21, 2O11Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series Medium

If you are into the supernatural phenomena, then this show is for you. Briefly, the show focuses on the life of Allison DuBois, a psychic medium who can see dead people or ghosts. She also helps the local District Attorney with investigations, while balancing her husband and three daughters who also have similar gifts. A lot of the humorous moments in the show come from the little girls “knowing” things and discovering their talents, as well as the amazing husband who is a skeptic and a man of science and math. The combination of all these mixed belief systems brings forward real issues of a family as well as a number of comical and hilarious situations. I loved watching this show and was very sad when I reached the final episode, especially because I hate the way the show ended, but I guess it had to end sooner or later. I will not spoil the conclusion to Medium, but know that you will be shocked. Overall, Medium is a great show (if you are not discouraged by Allison’s voice) and it’s much better than the other psychic shows out there. Give it a try! Back to the list.

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series Medium


  ALLY MCBEAL      EPISODES: 112       AIR DATES: SEPTEMBER 8, 1997 – MAY 20, 2002

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series Ally McBeal

If you need a good laugh, then this is the show for you! Seriously, this might be the funniest show available on Netflix right now. I put up a strong fight to my friend’s suggestions of giving Ally Mcbeal a chance, but luckily I eventually gave in and spent a few months laughing at the comical situations the characters of this show presented. The sideline of animations was always hysterical, especially the little dancing baby who probably went down in TV history as THE dancing baby. The only part I didn’t like about the show was the last season, but that’s a minor detail comparing to all the other seasons of amusement this show provided me with. So if you are feeling down, meet Ally and her friends and let them make you laugh, laugh and laugh again. Back to the list.

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series Desperate Housewives



Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series Brothers & Sisters

The Brothers & Sisters series is all about a large family and the love all the members have for each other, interjected by the drama that can be found in any family especially one of this size. There are plenty of secrets, hidden stories, betrayal and tragedy, but most importantly at the end of the day this family somehow manages to come together and pull through for one another. Also, there is a bunch of laugh out loud moments accompanied by prolonged periods of giggling and happiness. Mostly, the Walker family is so welcoming that after watching a few episodes you begin to feel as if you are a part of their family and you can’t wait for the next get together in their beautiful backyard in the warm California air. The Walker brothers and sisters slowly crawl into your heart just like characters from your favorite novel that you will miss dearly once the show ends. Enjoy! Back to the list.

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series Brothers & Sisters



Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives is another show that I refused to watch simply because I didn’t identify myself as a “housewife” and thought that the show was targeted towards the stay at home moms, so I didn’t bother. Finally, my friend convinced me to give it a go. At first I wasn’t too thrilled, but by episode 3, or so, I was hooked! Yes, the show is centered on a “typical” suburban neighborhood of “Main Street”, America, and there are housewives, but the stories and the situations that these ladies get themselves involved in are not something you would expect from normal stay at home mommies. However, a lot of the situations are based on reality and are relatable, which is probably why the show had such a huge following, yet these real situations are often blown out of proportion to the level of ridiculousness and that is the cause for all the laughter in this show. The characters are so convincing that you soon begin to feel for these women as you would for your best friend or a sister – when something happens to one of the ladies you will be sitting there with your remote in hand ready to jump in and help resolve the situation. This TV show is mostly designed for women, however, my boyfriend often laughed at the humor he happened to catch while walking passed my laptop, so if you have a normal guy who doesn’t just watch thrillers and adventures, he could just enjoy the show as much as you. Truly, Desperate Housewives is great TV, not just because it’s intriguing and each episode pulls you into the next one, but it is also relatable, admirable and desirable. Back to the list.

Netflix TV Shows To Watch Complete Series Ally McBeal

I hope my list helped you out in search of a good TV series to watch and hopefully you will enjoy these shows as much as I have! If you have watched any of these shows, did you love them or hate them? Thanks!

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  • Glenn

    Good choice here – I also like Dexter.

    • Julie

      Thanks Glenn 🙂 I haven’t watched Dexter yet, I’ll check it out – Thanks!

  • I like lists like this. Very informative and written in a fun way. A big plus for that. My favourite show of all times has got to be Prison Break. It’s got everything you need in a tv show. Action, excitement, drama.. the list just goes on. I also like the Walking Dead and I’m also currently watching Dexter.
    I think I need to check out Lost after reading this. Looks like a show just meant to be watched 😉

    • Hey there 🙂
      I love Prison Break – watched it twice even. I tried watching Walking Dead but there was just too much gore for me and i just couldn’t watch it, even though i really wanted to =/

      You have to watch Lost, just have to. At one point or another. After season 1, you won’t be able to stop. I really like season 4. You should definitely get lost in Lost 😉

  • Katie

    I’m a netflix addict too! I haven’t watched some of these which you posted about though, so I’m definitely going to check some of these out. I’m a big Lost fan too but I definitely will be checking out 24 and Brothers and sisters 🙂

    Love the blog!
    Katie xxx

    • Hi Katie! 🙂

      Brothers & Sisters show is definitely worth a try. I hope you like it 🙂 Oh and if you end up watching 24, there is an episode in season 1 where the characters are by a lake and they say “we are the only ones here!” meanwhile there is a camera guy caught in the shot to the left. See if you can spot him 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


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