Mouthwatering Steak Slices

This is my spin on “steak and potatoes”, which again happened by an accident. One day I planned to make steaks in bread crumbs, but had no eggs, so I improvised with what I had in the fridge. Surprisingly, the steaks tasted amazing and this is now one of my favorite ways to prepare steaks. Enjoy!



Recipe by: Julie P.
Serving Size: 4-6

Thin sliced steaks
Mayonnaise (3-4 table spoons)
Bread crumbs
Hot sauce (1 table spoon)
Cooking oil (by preference)
Salt & Pepper


Step 1:

Mix mayo and hot sauce in a bowl. The pinker the mixture looks, the hotter the meat will be.

Note: If you like hot stuff, add hot sauce to taste. 1 table spoon gives just enough of a kick without making the sauce too hot.
It is O.K. to taste the mixture, it won’t poison you.


Step 2:

Put some bread crumbs into
a bowl or a plate.

Step 3.

Use a fork to hook the meat,
drop it into the mayo mixture.
Make sure the meat is covered.


Step 4.

Using the same fork, place the
sticky piece of meat into the
bread crumbs and coat the
meat on every side.


Step 5.

Place the “breaded” meat onto
a plate or a cooking board.
It is now ready for the stove.


Step 6.

Put a medium size pan onto the stove on medium heat. Pour some (about a quarter of a cup, depending on the size of your pan) cooking oil into the pan. Then carefully place the meat into the pan. Salt and pepper the meat to taste.

Caution: Oil could be hot and spritz on you, so be careful.


Step 7:

This is important – the meat will stick to the pan and all those delicious bread crumbs will stay in the oily goo. So it will help if every minute or so you let the meat slide up and down the pan (pretend you are sautéing veggies). Each side takes about 4-5 minutes. Once flipped, salt and pepper the meat to taste.


Step 8.

Remove the meat from the pan and place it on
a paper towel to absorb some of that oil.


Voila – dinner is served!

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here: Mouthwatering Steak Slices Recipe.


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