Don’t Miss Out! World War II Weekend, Reading PA (June 7-9)

World War 2 exibit Reading PA

Are you looking for something awesome to do this weekend? Well, I have just the thing for you – Mid-Atlantic Air Museum’s World War II Weekend. Do not judge by the name! Read my review of last year’s event first. If you are even a little bit into history, you will love this place and here is why…

Every year (for the last 23 years), the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading PA, hosts the World War II Weekend. This is not your average boring museum type of visit, on the contrary, there is nothing boring about this event. Upon entering through the gates, you will feel as if you just walked through the time machine into the 1940s. You will get to see, touch and experience a lot of the technology from WWII, some of which was actually involved in the war. You will get to meet veterans and hear their stories. Also, there will be stations (moments of time) from other war fronts, such as Germany, France, England and Russia. Of course, the main event is the air show that is alone worth the trip – historic airplane models will fly above your head, demonstrating their abilities and pilots’ skills.World War 2 exibit Reading PA

Parking: You will park in a field, next to hundreds of other cars, where a school bus will pick you up and take you to and from the event. The parking and bus rides are free. There will be plenty of signs to guide you to the right location. Note: If you get lost on the way, look for the soaring jets in the sky.

Location: Be prepared to walk – a lot. The field where the show is help is HUGE and there are so many things to see while you walk from one side to another it will take you at least 2 hours in each direction. Also, wear comfortable clothing, because you might be climbing in and out of airplanes, some of which are tiny inside and you will have to get down and dirty to fit. Also, since everything is outdoors and is not air conditioned, check the weather – sunscreen or umbrellas might be a good idea.World War 2 exibit Reading PA

Cost: The cost for the adult ticket is $25.00 and $12.00 for a child. You can buy tickets in advance here, but on site I believe it’s cash only, so be prepared. Also, bring money to spend as there are lots of yummy food trucks along with antique artifact shops and tents. I believe there is an ATM on site, so you can “refill” your cash supply if you ran out. Note: You cannot bring pets to the event.

Food and Amenities: There are plenty of food choices, so you will not go hungry. Also, there are Porta-Potties everywhere, so that part is covered as well. However, I do not remember seeing an actual bathroom, so be prepared for a less luxurious bathroom experience. Note: You cannot bring coolers or alcohol to the event.World War 2 exibit Reading PA

To do: Besides seeing the airplanes in action and up close, you can also fly in some of them – for more information and cost check the official website here. There is a shooting range towards the end of the field (or at least there was one last year) where you can feel the antique weapons in action.

To see: Since this event is not just an exhibit, you will feel like you are actually strolling through the military camps of the 1940s. The entire event is a large reenactment show where actors and enthusiasts go out of their way to provide you with an authentic experience. You can take pictures with most of them and with most of the items shown/available at the event, so don’t forget your camera!

Our trip last year was a blast and we were waiting to come back the whole year. This time we are bringing more people to join in on the fun, because such awesomeness is too good to miss. There is a lot more information available here, in case I missed some of the information you were looking for.

I hope you do go and have a great time! We might see you there Ha Ha

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