DIY: ‘One Of A Kind’ Bracelet Tutorial

DIY Bracelet tutorialHave you ever seen a piece of jewelry on someone and absolutely had to have it? Then you searched for days for a similar item all over the internet but still came up empty? Well last year it happened to me. I really wanted a specific type of bracelet, similar to one I saw somewhere on Pintrest, but couldn’t find it anywhere, so I decided to make it myself. Once I made that one, I had an idea for another one and then for another one and so on. Eventually I had a tiny collection of bracelets and a few seriously sore fingers. This tutorial is for one of the simplest bracelets I have made and it only takes 2 hours, which might seem like a lot to you, but after you spend a week on a single bracelet – an hour or two really seems ‘fast’.

This particular bracelet started off from about 4 feet of left over mesh that my mom had lying around. At first, I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but once I came across a pretty navy blue yarn at an Arts and Crafts store, I had my answer.

Items You Will Need
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DIY Bracelet tutorial

1. Rhinestone banding []
2. Silver chain necklace extender [] (You will need this if you are unsure of the person’s wrist size for which you are making the bracelet, however, for yourself, you can just measure the length the bracelet should be and use any closures/clasps you already have.)
3. End crimps with loop [] (10mm)
4. Silver clasps []
5. (I am not sure what happened to 5… skip to 6)
6. Thimble []– to protect your finger, just in case, but I didn’t use it here.
7. Needle with a large eye [], large enough for the thread you are using
8. Micro pliers [] (might not need)
9. Glitter yarn [Michaels store]– Navy blue, thick
10. Crimp tool pliers []
11. Small scissors []

Step 1.
Cut off a proper size of ‘mesh’ and carefully trim all the fuzzies. If you are making a bracelet for yourself, measure your wrist carefully and note that the mesh will shrink about 2mm. Also, allow for space of the clasps. Note: Your mesh should be shorter than the circumference of your wrist.

Step 2.
Thread the needle – the thread should be pretty long, about x14 the ‘mesh’ length. Note: If you ran out of thread mid process, don’t worry, just repeat step 3 from the place you stopped at.

Step 3.
Leave a little ‘tail’ at the beginning, later we will secure it in place. Then continue the “over and under” needle motion for the first 2 ‘squares’. Pull the tread through and repeat from the following ‘square’. If you are using the same thread as the one I have and your thread is about the same thickness – you will have to go through the top row under the rhyme stones (which should only be about half the size of the other rows) twice – for all the other rows 3 times. However, it all depends on the thickness of your thread, thin won’t work, so use a fairly thick one, like for knitting winter scarfs.

DIY Bracelet tutorial

Step 4.
Again if you are using the same thread and mesh, you should go back and forth with the needle 14 times, thus creating 13 rows of “over and under”.  Note: Have patience – once you get the hang of the process, it is very easy.

Step 5.
Row 14 is a little different. I loop the thread over the bottom to hide any of the left over mesh fuzzies. You will still be doing the ‘over and under’ motion only the “over” part will now go over the edge.

DIY Bracelet tutorial

Step 6.
Hard part is almost over. Remember the tail we left out in the beginning? Now fold in under the bracelet and stitch it in place with the remaining thread attached to your needle. Make sure to tie the thread in place with your last 2 or 3 stitches, so all the tread stays in place.

DIY Bracelet tutorial

DIY Bracelet tutorial

Step 7.
Place the ‘end crimps’ over the ends and secure them in place by pressing hard with the ‘crimp tool’. I suggest doing this slowly so the crimps are not damaged by your mighty force.

DIY Bracelet tutorial

DIY Bracelet tutorial

Step 8.
Attach the ‘extender’ to one end and the clasp to another.

DIY Bracelet tutorial

Step 9.
Now place the finished bracelet on your wrist and wear it proud – you did all that by yourself! Good job!

DIY Bracelet tutorial

DIY Bracelet tutorial

 Have you ever made a bracelet? If so, what is your favorite style?

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  • Melody

    I am totally impressed with your craftiness! That looks like hard work! Looks great! The craftiest thing I can do is knit a basic scarf. I think I would have struggled with a bracelet. Nicely done!

    • Thank you, Melody 🙂
      This bracelet is actually very easy once you get the hang of it. I am yet to master scarfs or any sort of knitting, scarf might be harder than a bracelet, so if you can knit a scarf i am sure you can put together a bracelet like this!


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