Cherry Blossom Festival In Washington, D.C.

     This Sunday (4/7) my boyfriend and I decided to visit Washington, D.C. in hopes of catching all the cherry trees in bloom. We have been trying to capture the peak bloom for the last two years with no success, both years we came too late. So this year we did our research and planned our trip based on the information we found. According to the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s website, the peak bloom is now, thus, we expected to see lots of cherry trees engulfed in an avalanche of little pink flowers.  So on Sunday, we woke up early and embarked on a four hour journey from New Jersey to Maryland State. At first, the drive was smooth, but once we got within an hour to our destination, we hit traffic – apparently we weren’t the only ones with the genius idea to visit Washington that day. Eventually, we made our way passed the traffic with road closures and arrived at the Jefferson Memorial.

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     We normally visit Washington, D.C. at least twice a year, so we are pretty familiar with the area and the crowds, but we have NEVER seen that many people there at one time. The park, the streets, the sidewalks were packed with people, who (I’m guessing) came out for the Cherry Blossom Festival, just like us. As our car crawled around the park, we noticed that despite the thousands of people, there weren’t that many flowers on the trees and for every semi-blooming tree there was a line of people waiting to photograph their family near it or on it. So by the time we made a full circle around the memorial we realized that we will never find parking in the area and that neither of us particularly wanted to join the large crowds, plus, the trees weren’t even in full bloom! Since, we also had plans to visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, we decided to head straight there and put off the semi-blooming cherry trees until next weekend. We did stumble upon a little park on our walk to the museum, which had some blooming trees and a water fountain, so I did get some nice shots even though they weren’t of cherry blossoms.

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     The museum was amazing and we spent 4 hours walking around the exhibit looking at dinosaurs, amphibians, homosapiens, insects, mummies and a collection of gems and jewels. Once we returned to our car, our legs were throbbing from all the walking and our tummies growled from hunger, so we stopped at the local Chili’s restaurant for a quick bite and a boost of energy before our long drive home. Even though, we didn’t get to see the cherry blossoms once again, we had an amazing time in Washington as always. We are planning to go next weekend again, hoping that the majority of the pink cherries will bloom by then, but if we miss it again – no biggie, as there is always something awesome to do in D.C.


If you were thinking you missed the cherry blossoms this year, you haven’t – go this week and you won’t be disappointed. Good Luck and report back!

Sweet Kiss

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  • I have to admit that I am SO jealous that you went to the Cherry Blossom Festival! I was going to go this year, but things just have not panned out allowing me to. Cherry Blossoms are my favorite flower and I would have loved to go. I’m glad that you were able to enjoy it though and I hope to go one day myself. Maybe next year. 🙂

    • Julie

      Hello Felicia 🙂

      We have been trying to go for 2 years and missed the bloom both times, this year we were determined to make it but the trees were just starting to bloom when we got there, so still not a complete success – getting closer though lol
      The festival’s website is extremely helpful if you decide to go next year and they have a live bloom camera, which you can check out any time for the progress of the bloom ( i wish i knew about this feature before). I hope you get to go next year, Washington is great any time, but when its all pretty pink it’s just amazing :))

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  • Anne

    I love the cherry blossoms and DC for that matter. I miss being down there during that time. I did a internship down there during spring semester and it was such a great time to be in DC. It can get extremely crowded though, Glad you had fun!

    • Hello Anne 🙂
      We mostly go to DC in the Summer, and most of the people we see are tourists. It made me wonder how are the locals dealing with the tourist infestation? In an internship in DC is probably awesome, especially in the spring! I am a little jealous 😉


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