Tilapia In Delicious Tomato Sauce

Tilapia In Delicious Tomato Sauce Recipe

As far back as I can remember, my mom has been making this dish for every holiday and she was always complemented by the guests for this recipe. So if you want to score some extra points with your friends and family at the next get together, I strongly suggest you try this simple tilapia recipe. Enjoy!

The Easiest Chicken Parmesan And Spaghetti Recipe

The Easiest Chicken Parmesan And Spaghetti Recipe

I will let you in on a little secret – I am obsessed with Chicken Parmesan. After trying various versions at numerous restaurants, I keep coming back to the version I make at home. If you are looking for a simple, yet delicious, Chicken Parmesan recipe – I strongly urge you to try this one. Enjoy!

Simple Borsch Recipe

Simple Borsch Recipe

Borsch is one of the most famous dishes from the Russian cuisine, however, the original recipe belongs to Ukraine. There is a vast number of Borsch recipes, maybe as many as there are households, and it’s very hard to determine which one is the “original” or the “right” one. Surprisingly, Borsch is a lot easier to make than my initial assessment and even a new cook can master it! Enjoy!

Simple Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

Simple Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Stuffed mushrooms are my favorite appetizer to serve at dinner parties. First of all, I absolutely love mushrooms and a party is always a good excuse. Second of all, these mushrooms always receive high praises from guests and are very easy to make. So if you are a mushroom lover or planing to host a dinner party, this is a great recipe to try.

Meatball Recipe

Meatballs With Rice Recipe a.k.a. “Hedgehogs”

Meatballs with rice are called “hedgehogs” in Russia and are well-known in most households. The regular meatballs are often dry on the inside, but this recipe always creates moist and melt-in-your-mouth meatballs. Once you try these little darlings, I am sure that this will be the only recipe you will use in the future. Enjoy!

Caesar Salad With Lox And Red Caviar Recipe

Caesar Salad With Lox And Red Caviar Recipe

Caesar salad is my favorite salad, so when we came across this version at a local Russian restaurant I fell in love. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed so I had to re-create the mystery salad at home. Turns out, it was much easier than originally expected – just a few ingredients

Potato Salad Recipe

Russian Potato Salad – “Olivie” Recipe

Olivie salad is probably one of the most common dishes in any Russian household. For some reason it’s called “Olivier” salad in English, not sure where the “r” came from, but it’s basically a very delicious potato salad. This is my mother’s version but with my own tweaks. I hope you like it!

Simple Crab Salad Recipe

Crab Salad Recipe

Crab salad is one of my favorite recipes, which I just together one day out the ingredients I had on hand. This salad is very light and is great for summer barbeques. Additionally, it is very easy to make and is extremely versatile as you can add, remove or change the proportions of items you like or dislike.


The Easiest Strawberry Shortcake Ever!

This might be the easiest desert ever created – no bake, just prep and serve. The strawberry shortcakes could be served with coffee or champagne, and would be great for a date night, especially for a new cook or a guy trying to impress someone special.


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