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I have finally managed to figure out this blogging thing. It took some trial and error, some headaches, lots of reading,  a ton of research and here we finally are. The word “excited” doesn’t exactly describe how I feel to be able to post on my own website. Hopefully, I will be able to provide some helpful information for you guys on a number of topics I have personally experienced, such as – traveling, eating, learning and more – hence, the website’s name “TELAMORE”.

In the “TRAVEL” section I am hoping to share some of the trips we have been on, places worth seeing in the tri-state area, experiences we had with long distance trips and other issues we have come across when traveling, so you have the information before taking the trip.

The “EAT” segment, will mainly divide into two categories: places to eat and recipes. I generally love food, eating it or cooking it. However, I am picky about some foods like onions and garlic, so if you are a fan of those two items as most people are, the recipes can be tweaked to accommodate those flavors. Also, if you have any questions about any of the recipes or posts, feel free to contact me via a comment or an e-mail: julie@telamore.com

In the “LEARN” section I will post topics I come across in college that could be helpful to anyone working on the same subjects. Please note that I will not post any work with a grade lower than an “A”, but please don’t plagiarize – this blog is public and any teacher or professor with any technical skills will be able to check your sources. Overall, I am pretty good at writing essays, so if you need any help feel free to ask!

The final section “MORE” is reserved for other topics I might address that otherwise will not fit into any of the categories. For example, TV show and movie reviews,  book reviews, product reviews or whatever else might pop into my head.

All-in-all, I hope you find some of the information provided on this blog helpful and will come back for more. Sweet Kiss

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