5 Reasons Not To Buy Beaded Bracelets Ever Again

5 Reasons Not To Buy Beaded Bracelets Ever AgainI recently conducted a little experiment and now I am completely convinced that paying for beaded stretch bracelets is an absolute waste of money. I am guilty of an occasional impulse buy myself, but after doing the math and applying some common sense, I will never buy another bracelet of this sort again. Below are the 5 main reasons that should have you convinced as well. Enjoy!

   1. Stop wasting your money!

A beaded bracelet usually costs $10 and up, often as much as $75. Stackable beaded bracelets often start at $50 and that’s just for a simple bead-no charm type of bracelet. Of course, the stores charge for labor and often for the brand name, if there is one. However, if you were to make one of those bracelets at home you would save at least 75% – 85% off those prices. Here is an example:

5 Reasons Not To Buy Beaded Bracelets Ever Again
See the price tag? $17.95 for a simple bracelet with blue, green and clear beads and some bead caps. Do you want to know how much that bracelet ACTUALLY costs? Well, let’s do the math:

Beads: $0.0045 (each) x 10 = $0.045 (total bead cost)
Bead caps: $0.0235 (each) x 20 = $0.47 (total cap cost)
Stretch cord: $0.020 (per inch) x 12 = $0.24 (total cord cost)

Total bracelet cost: $0.75
Total saved: $17.20

Please note that I am over estimating the number of beads used, so for a small wrist it would cost even less. Now, how many of these bracelets did you already buy??

(I am linking the products to Amazon.com to make it easier for you to find, please see the disclosure agreement here)

    2.    Stop sacrificing quality!

If you are questioning your ability to produce quality bracelets on your own, stop now – if you can tie a knot then you can make a damn good bracelet. By buying bracelets in stores you are probably sacrificing quality for the ease of the purchase – notice how these bracelets are usually placed right near the register. How do you know who made it? How do you know they used quality materials? Any bracelet is only as strong as the stretchy cord that holds it together and the knot pulled at the end. If you pick the cord, the beads, the charms then you have the power to buy top quality products and to still save a load of your hard earned money at the end. Win – win. 

5 Reasons Not To Buy Beaded Bracelets Ever Again

    3.    Stop matching everyone else!

Bracelets are in and everyone is wearing them, but just because you want to follow the trend, doesn’t mean you should buy the same style/type/color as everyone else. You can just as easily follow the fashion and have the one of a kind accessory. Once you figure out the basics of bracelet making, I guarantee you will be hooked. One bracelet usually takes 15-20 minutes to make, so you can make one every night to match your next day’s outfit! Make stackable bracelets, charm bracelets, crystal bead bracelets or a combination of all three types – go crazy! I have to warn you though, once you get into it, it’s a little hard to stop, so set financial boundaries before you buy every type of bead you see. However, it’s still so much cheaper in the long run that you might also need a new jewelry box. Don’t say, I didn’t warn you!

5 Reasons Not To Buy Beaded Bracelets Ever Again

    4.    Stop thinking you can’t!

You CAN! Have you ever seen those gift boxes with a complete bracelet making kit for ages 6 and up? See where I’m going with this? If a 6 year old can do it, so can you, instead of plastic, however, you will use quality pieces since you are not in pre-school after all.  Simply start by raiding your local arts and crafts store, or amazon.com (that’s where I do most of my shopping), set a budget (let’s say 20$ for now) and get the following:
1.    Stretch Clear Bead Cord – 1mm thick [Amazon.com]
2.    Assortment of beads, charms, spacers, caps, etc (plan to mix and match them) [Amazon.com]
3.    Micro pliers x 2 (not necessary but helps to tie the knot) [Amazon.com]

Note: Make sure the beads have a large enough opening to fit the 1mm cord, some beads have very tiny opening and will be useless for this cord.

5 Reasons Not To Buy Beaded Bracelets Ever Again

   5.    Stop limiting yourself!

Try to remember the last time you bought or thought about buying a bracelet – did you buy just one? Probably, since paying $20, $40, $60 for a glass bead bracelet seems silly to most and I am sure you can all think of a better way to spend those dollars. Now imagine how many bracelets you can make for $60?? One for every day of the month? Why not?? And what if some of those bracelets are meant to be mixed and matched? Or could be combined with other jewelry like a watch of a metal bracelet? Once you learn how to make 1 bracelet – the world of possibilities will open up and you will never buy another bead bracelet again!

Bonus!: If you ever needed a last minute gift for a co-worker, relative, friend, or neighbor then you know how difficult it is to come up with something for someone you might not know really well. Guess what’s an awesome gift that costs you pennies and takes 15 minutes to make? Taa-daa! I can’t tell you how many times I used my bracelet making abilities as a gift saver/maker. This [below] bracelet for example, I made for my boyfriend’s grandma’s birthday and she absolutely loved it. This bracelet cost me zero dollars because I already had all the supplies and it only took me about an hour, mostly because I had to re-adjust the design midway. At this point, all the women in my life have a bracelet, or two, from me and will be getting more as soon as I buy more beads!

5 Reasons Not To Buy Beaded Bracelets Ever Again

Have I convinced you that buying bead bracelets at the store is a waste of your money? Will you try to make your own? Please let me know what you think below – have I convinced you or not?


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  • Deena

    Found your blog after you commented on my banana bread recipe! Love the layout of your blog! And omg – totally agree with this! Buying beaded bracelets can be a waste of money unless they’re really cheap. Making your own is so much more satisfying and reasonable!

    • Hey Deena!

      Thank you for stopping by! I’m still thinking about your banana bread! Need to go buy some bananas ASAP haha :))

      I love that i can make my own bracelet to go with every outfit! Just ordered a whole bunch of new beads and will be posting tutorials soon :)) Come back and check it out when they are ready :))

  • I make bracelets as a fundraising thing (http://aneurysmawareness.com), but I didn’t want to branch out into beaded bracelet making, because I wasn’t confident I’ll be able to tie the knots (aside from the fact that there’s already someone in the advocacy group who’s making beaded bracelets, though completely different from the kinds of bracelets I would like to make). I’m just nervous about tying the knots at the end… Do you have any tips for it?

    • Hi Hiro 🙂

      I love the charms you are using 🙂 Macrame bracelets take much more time to make as opposed to the beaded ones. Check out the magic cord i am listing in my supplies (there is a link there to give you an idea) – i have never had a problem with a knot untying! Because the cord is stretchy and you pull hard to tie the knot it stretched around the knot and then seals itself in place under pressure, so it’s pretty sturdy. You can also add a drop of glue when tying the knot (like fabric glue or crazy glue), i haven’t had to use glue because i never had a problem, but i have seen people use it, so i guess it works.

      I hope this helps 🙂

      • Thanks, Julie! You’re right- these ones only take about 15 minutes, but that’s still a lot… Especially since my fingers become chafed raw from pulling strings too much! haha.
        I went ahead and purchased the cord & plier thingie you listed, and hopefully my beads will be big enough to use them!

        I will try it out and see. Thank you so much!! 🙂

        • It’s so true about fingers getting damaged! haha I am looking for a solution to this problem, as i prefer my fingers to remain smooth :)) Not all my beads fit this cord, so that part is a little hit or miss at first. I recently ordered a thinner cord, but haven’t had a chance to test it yet. It might just work as well – we’ll see 🙂

          I am sure your beaded bracelets will come out just as awesome as the ones you already make :))

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